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What we do

Changing and running your business is no easy task and can be fraught with risk, often taking longer and costing more than predicted. Here at Anthony James Consulting (AJC), we specialise in helping clients solve their IT project challenges. Utilising our extensive network of associates, partners and IP, we help clients achieve their goals in a more timely and cost-effective manner. Working in conjunction with our clients we jointly scope and agree the “level of effort required”. Its then a case of building out an execution capability, often the solution being a hybrid of AJC and our your in house resource. This can then run in conjunction with “business as usual” thus ensuring budgets and timescales are met and more importantly, mitigating business risk. So why pay consulting professional services rates when you can deliver the same for a lot less? In most cases you know what you need to deliver, you just need some help executing it with a proven safe pair of hands! Let AJC be that partner of choice.

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  • Our business is centred around people. Our clients expect performance from them. Here is a summary of exciting opportunities for IT professionals.

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